Virtual relay switch on VRM

What does this switch do?

My gut feeling tells me that it has something to do with the on/off/charge batteries switch on the inverter itself.

Doe any of you use it and why?

It closes the second relay on the GX device. It does nothing unless you have something wired to that relay.

Press it …

The result …

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Jajajajaja

What can I connect to it to make my life better/easier?

The sign in your bar that says the bar is open. Set it to come on when the Grid Fails…

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Mmm this gives me an idea.

Some sort of light that comes on or alarm that that chimes when the grid fails.

Cause without my phone we only know about it if the light in the db goes off. Luckily this is in the main kitchen/living area so clearly visible.

But having an indicator outside in the yard would be nice. An audible device.

I suppose lots of wiring involved.

My relay 2 switches on a wifi plug when batteries reach 100%

That starts my workshop compressor. That has 3 scroll motors which is wired to start and switch off sequentially

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