Video Editing Software?

Can someone recommend an easy to use video editing package.

I want to edit some drone footage, cut sections from a video and maybe add music to it.

Extremely new to this, so would appreciate some guidance.

I use Corel Video Studio
It works well and does not cost the price of small body parts.

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I use They have a free version but don’t know about music :wink:

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I use openshot. It’s Open Source and runs on Linux. I don’t know if it qualifies as “easy”, but my 11-year old son also picked up on it and he’s now better than I am, so it can’t be too bad :slight_smile:

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Since I work on a Mac, I’m using Final Cut Pro…
Great software

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avidemux → Free, not heavy on resources, runs on Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Can probably do all you want and way more.

Maybe bit fiddely to setup. User interface not exactly drag-and-drop.


Davinci Resolve, created by Black Magic; the guys that make all the 12K studio cameras. Works on Mac, windows and Linux and it has an impressive free version as well. The free version is quickly becoming the de facto standard for you tubers, with many Hollywood blockbusters made by the Studio version (which is also pretty cheap). There’s a lot of beginner YouTube vids out there; I suggest you start with looking for Justin Brown’s stuff which I’m working through now

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