Victron's new products

I was just brushing up on Victron’s new products.
Some thoughts:
The new MPPT 450V 100A & 200A models with two trackers and 4 trackers respectively are very welcome. I can see them being as being very useful. They’re expensive, but I see them as worth it if you’re dealing with distances. Four 7200kwp voltage-independent input trackers each capable of delivering 4kW with one 200A output seem like they could be very flexible.
That’s a win.

I also see the Multiplus 2, (new version) has an added contact break on the AC output that it previously didn’t (Part No. PMP482505010).
I assume that was included for it to be approved in certain countries.
I see the 5kVA version has been approved in ZA since 2019, so I am assuming the added contact break isn’t a South African stipulation.
Actually, what I’d like to get the skinny on is the soon to launched 8kVA and 10kVA versions.
The Victron website doesn’t mention if these versions will also have this contact. Does anyone know yet?
If it’s not a South African requirement, and ZA approval is on the cards, I don’t suppose it will bother me.

However, what does concern me is that these new models are stated as not parallel or 3 phase compatible. That is one of Victron’s biggest selling points to me. As the 8kVA and 10kVA models have yet to be launched I really am hoping that limitation will change.
This would be a red line issue for me.

As paralleling any compatible models can only be done with identical models, I am concerned that earlier Phoenix and Quattro models that have this capability will no longer be available and paralleling will cease to be a Victron feature. I like the option of growing a system.

Maybe it just needs to be fully road-tested by Victron first?
As Victon’s range has been 3kVA; 5kVA; 8kVA;10kVA & 15kVA, I am hoping there is also a yet to be announced, 15kVA Multiplus 2 model in the offing.

Has anybody any thoughts/insights?
I know to Gecko-proof these models already.


@Phil.g00 I attended a Victron presentation hosted by Segen and they said both the 8kVA and 10kVA should be parallelable but you always have to have the same model. Would be strange to not allow this if it is already available in the other Multi’s.

I agree and certainly hope so, but it is specifically mentioned in the specs:


Big mistake if this is the case… :thinking:

Edit: Had a quick look (the note looks like its for the VE.Bus port… I think the highlighted is a typo.
Datasheet-MultiPlus-II-inverter-charger-EN.pdf (609.0 KB)

One more product that I saw that could also be interesting if the price is right is the new 2kVA Multiplus.

Re: 2kVA Multiplus
24V only, and really 1.6kW continuous, but at 1100Euro, I’d rather pay a bit extra and buy something of equivalent DC power that runs off an MPPT and a battery and ditch the inverter completely.
Maybe it has a niche application such as in a vehicle, but it’s just too small to be flexible enough for a wide range of AC appliances in a house.
To each his own, but I’d battle to justify it.

The Multi is a bit like LEGO. Control board is practically the same in all of them. What differs is 1) the power pack (aka the bank of MOSFETs) and 2) the transformer. Want to make one for the American market? Fit a different transformer. Want to make one with more power? Fit a bigger transformer/power pack. So usually, whatever one model can do, the other one can too. There must be a good reason why it’s not allowed on the larger models, and unfortunately I don’t know what it is.

But as I read the datasheet, it says: For parallel(not for 8k and 10k models) and three phase operation. Parallel operation is excluded, but three-phase isn’t. I would be very surprised if it cannot do three-phase. Even the small 500VA compact ones can do 3-phase :slight_smile:

No, it’s available in 12 / 24 / 48V

Yes vehicles would be a good fit, with that said it might have places in a few homes at the right price < 1000 Euro.
I ran a couple of my most essentials on a 800VA Multi for almost 2 years, I have a 3kVA Multi now but very rarely see my load over 600W from time to time if I start the microwave I might see 1.7KW so it might be cutting it a little close on a 2kVA multi but I could almost live with one.

If it is 3 phase capable but not parallel capable, it sounds like a limitation based on current magnitude.
Possibly, the new input contactors are only sized to break their own full load current, but aren’t rated to handle multiples of full load current.
When units are in parallel and have to trip in unison, the “slowest” AC input contact to open will have to break the entire through current of multiple units and it probably isn’t rated.
This wouldn’t be a problem in 3 phase operation.
If I am right, it’s a pity because it isn’t a firmware fix, but a hardware issue.

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