Victron's Christmas Competition!

Victron had a little Quiz running from 1st of December till the 25th. Anyone could participate.

Every day they had a new technical Question and the person that could answer the most questions correct in the shortest time wins the competition. The 5 people with the highest scores can each choose a reward, starting from the guy with the highest score having first choice , the guy with the second highest gets second choice and so on.

I am proud to say, 2 of the top 5 scores are from Energy Talk Members.

@mariusm congratulations on your second Place. Well done!!!


Well done @mariusm and @JacoDeJongh

The question is: What did you guys choose!

I am waiting for the others to choose first before I can choose. Will let you know.

The bike boet!!! The wooden bike!

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My goals were Set on that one, but I wasn’t fast enough. Will see what’s left when it’s my turn…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Now the whole world knows I need to speed up my app’s build times…

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The dinner and skateboard was left when my turn came… Went for the skateboard for its display value.

Pity … but a good choice…