Victron Venus GX 2.81!

I updated my Home Assistant and started getting strange error “Pymodbus: victron: Exception Response(131, 3, IllegalAddress)”

Anyhow, after troubleshooting and blaming Home Assistant, I started looking into an “IlligalAdress” part of the error.
Well, truth be told, my Venus GX has been setup to automatically download latest version and then I came up to the fact that it has upgraded it self from 2.73 to 2.81. Nice :slight_smile:

Well, in the new version, register for PV Current has been removed and that is what has caused the error shown above.


      - name: "PV Current"
        data_type: int16
        unit_of_measurement: "A"
        slave: 245
        address: 777
        scale: 0.1
        device_class: current

is no longer valid as it doen’t exist anymore.

I have confirmed this by checking the newest Modbus register excel sheet from victron
CCGX-Modbus-TCP-register-list-2.80.xlsx (47.3 KB)

Hope it helps someone who encounters the same problem :slight_smile:

Yes, you would not believe it. I have been working on this bug for two days already. It’s been reported already. It is a result of this.

It breaks the range. There is now a gap between 776 and 778. That is the bigger issue. The current must now be calculated from the power and voltage (registers 776 and 789).

Yes, I saw now…

Well I=P/V, so all of this is much of a muchness in my opinion…calculated or obtained from a sensor (if MPPT has a sensor or also calculates), its the same thing :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Or am I missing the “amazing” benefits of removing this address from the modbus register?

No, register should not have been removed. It makes it impossible to fetch the whole range. At the very least it should have a zero in the register (to fix range fetching), but the idea is to do one better.