Victron Training

How good is this from a manufacturer… :+1:t4: :raised_hands:t4: :clap:t4:Knowledge overcomes South Africa Load Shedding - Victron Energy


Sadly the Eastern Cape - Nope… ;(

I saw they did that in the USA … thought it was just awesome, driving all over the USA to train, and marketing too.

Their caravan was bigger though. :rofl:

Probably couldn’t find a smaller one…

I remember when I was in the US a few years ago I thought to myself : Thank goodness SA was influenced more by Europeans than Americans…
Efficiency is definitely not the name of the game there.


Some of it is influenced by the sheer size of the continent. When you see people on social media tell you that an electric car will never work because the range is insufficient for their daily commute… they are not always lying! Those people really need to learn that living closer to work (or working closer to home) pays… but then also, they were brought up on cheap “gas” (aka petrol) so they are a bit behind on that trend.

There is a very famous YouTube channel that I enjoy called : Not Just Bikes.
If you spend some time watching Jason’s content on urban planning you really start to see a much better picture on how and why the US is the way that it is. (And why the Netherlands is great :stuck_out_tongue: )

But it’s also more than just efficiency : Culture, Cuisine, Infrastructure I find them lacking behind the Europeans, in some ways they even fall behind SA.
I saw multi story parking lots in the US that were visibly sagging in some sections and everyone just kept on driving by with not a care in the world.

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Yeah, saw a documentary on the lack of maintenance ito bridges dams … the grid … in the USA.

Sat their thinking on how SA compares …

Big lawsuits coming I thought.

Thing is, it seems to be a common thread in 1st world countries. There simply are no funds available to fix/rebuild it all again.


Awesome! they coming to Langebaan, I’m there…