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Although I have had solar for some time, I’m still very nervous about changing setting or doing upgrades.
I had a run in with my previous service provider(s) that installed my system and would like to know of a company that could have a look and access my systems.
More to the point, I’m looking for assistance to upgrade the Quattro inverter firmware.

Hey Trevor. Where are you?

Morning Warwick. I stay in Edenvale (JHB).

I see that you are in KZN and MD of Sensible Solar. I’m assuming you are responding to my message for a call for assistance. I would be happy to pay for remote guidance.

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Welcome, Trevor,

If you want to learn how to do it yourself, we here are also happy to help.

One can do that now from the portal.

Go to Device List, then Firmware Update.
And follow the steps exactly as described.

Or any dealer can log in remotely and do it for you.

Sorry for the mini hijack. I have always read that its best to keep the Cerbo up to date but rather dont update the inverter unless you need to.
Does the same apply to MPPTs? Where can one find the MPPT change log?

That boils mainly down to personality.

I run the near Latest Release candidate OS from the Venus/Cerbo. But that is NOT advisable unless you like “living on the edge” … and want to help spot bugs. :slight_smile:

Once in a long while I may have to roll back if a new Release Candidate has a big bug. Easy as falling off a horse to roll back now.

MPPTs/BMVs etc, the moment the App tells me to update, I update them.

Inverters, now and then I update if there is an update on like the Venus OS that needs a later firmware version on the inverter.

For Release Candidate, I get the updates here:

It is also a good place to see what is potting behind the scenes in Release Candidate versions that will be coming to an Official Release in the near future. :man_shrugging:

All the latest changes now bein tested:

Thank you TTT.

I have seen the functionality of performing the upgrade via the VRM and read the instructions on how to for the Quattro (Remote VE.Bus firmware updates [Victron Energy] ). I started to become nervous when it started to refer to all the devices, etc. I thought I should just reach out and get some insight before rushing in and causing havoc on my system.

I would like to consider myself computer literate, so not shy of doing it myself, just looking for some guidance.

If it was the Multilus range, I would not have hesitated to offer my help.

But I’m not familiar with Quattro’s.

Others will be along shortly …

I have Quattros, and a Phoenix (which has Multiplus firmware) and the process is identical from what I can remember.
I don’t update firmware remotely, well, I do via the internet, but I am on-site when I do it.
It is simple enough, but I prefer to be there.
I am not a firmware pioneer, being firmly in the “if it ain’t broke” camp.
I update the firmware when I am adding system components, but first, I check that the said firmware release has been out for a while.

Hi Trevor

Sorry I missed the message here.

Have you come right?

Please call me if you need assistance.

Yesterday I actually got around to updating the firmware on my two MPPT100 Controllers but chickened out with my Quattro update.

I have: Quattro 48/10000/140-2x100 with firmware version v494 installed, the new firmware is v506 but I am very wary of doing this, Murphy usually always visits me when I do not need his company and then things go wrong.

Should I attempt this, it appears my existing firmware is lagging far behind.


If it is working, leave it alone :slight_smile:

The only really important new things in there, are related to generator support, supporting warmup and cooldown, having a different grid code for the generator (so it accepts it better), and then there is a new option where it prefers renewable energy over the grid… but that is not for ESS systems, it is mostly for people with boats.

I don’t think there is anything in there of use to you :slight_smile:

I think I agree 100% with you there! I was just afraid there might be something relevant that would require an upgrade but I have not yet wired my generator to the Quattro, doubt I ever will.

Thank you for the reply!


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