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TLDR: Does anyone know of or have a recommendation for someone that will go out my father’s house in Blouberg to either take a look at his Muti’s fan which seems to need replacing or take it for a repair?

Slightly similar to Looking for Victron installer recommendations in Cape Town, but more specific to a repair.

My father phoned me saying his Victron MultiPlus (bought in 2015) is shutting down due to overheating when charging after loadshedding. (Used as backup only with lead acids without PV). He walked to where it was and heard the fans not sounding all that well.

He reached out to the company that he bought it from and who installed it for help, but they want him to disconnect it, take it off the wall and take it in to them to analyze. They don’t send anyone out to do that. He’s 65 and not touching anything connected to AC or DC let alone trying to get it off the wall into his car. He reached out to another installer from the Victron list who replied that they do not assist with repairs.

Thanks in advance.

In the meantime, aim an external fan at it.

Sent you a WA.

hmmm, I thought one of he big plusses of Victron equipment was the awesome support :frowning:. This does not look good for someone still considering options…

The product is already out of warranty (see 2015). I presume it isn’t unreasonable to expect him to either pay someone to come collect it, to take it in himself.

To the OP, I’ve never opened up one of these units myself, but my understanding is that the fan inside is just a normal 120mm computer fan. So your father could probably just get an electrician out to come replace it for him at the electrician’s hourly rate?

Even within warranty, the process is to call your Victron approved installer, who will take the unit in for repairs. Very few (if any) suppliers will do on site repairs. I think Dell (the computer supplier) is probably the only one I know of… and also only for the first year or so, after that it is “next business day” at best.

Outside warranty there will be a quote, then obtaining the spares, and then repairing it. Expect that to take a few days.

The best bet will indeed be a local electronics guru/sparky who can solder another fan onto the connector and replace it. It will be cheaper too.

My guys is currently in capetown, I can assist with the removal and booking it in?


Sorry, not trying to be a pain, honest question - are the Victron inverter warranty 5 years? Seems I was under the incorrect impression that it is 10?

It seems to be 5, but extendable to 10 (according to Google).

In this case it’s definitely not a complaint against Victron, but the original installer expecting him to disconnect it, take it off the wall and take it in instead of coming out, taking a look and collecting it (which is something against the installer itself and not a Victron thing).

Since I mentioned it here (I’m in Johannesburg so don’t know anyone that I could quickly phone up like around here) I received a lot of names of people & companies that will go out, disconnect it and take it in to have it looked at. So definitely good support especially if I think about the case of a friend who had an issue with another brand and was stuck with a paper weight against the wall for weeks.

On some of the equipment, like some of the MPPT’s and inverter models. You get 5, and you buy 5 more years for a nominal fee extra, specifically ordered via Victron themselves, last time I checked.

Yes, but back in 2015 it was just 5.

Wasn’t even aware you could upgrade it to 10… How do you do it on purchase or can you add it later on?

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You do it at purchase time. I also only heard about it very recently. And I assume it is done in the usual manner, essentially the extra money you pay buys an insurance policy that covers the next 5 years. Exactly like when you buy the extra warranty at the furniture/appliance place :slight_smile:

Would be great if you could buy it later for some extra security.

Far as I was told when I enquired about 10 years for my 250/85, at ordering time you select that addition, pay, then the unit is ordered from Victron.

Not “off-the-shelf” yet.

Maybe it has been streamlined since …

@Mustang must say, Victron is one of the best companies to deal with ito warranty/repairs.

Two main things to ponder on:

  1. If your installer cannot resolve the issue, any Victron dealer anywhere can sort your product warranty. You are not tied to anyone bar Victron themselves if you want.
  2. If you buy/or sell a 2nd hand Victron part and after checking it is <5 years old, then it still has the remaining period warranty irrespective that you are the 2nd/3rd 10th owner/seller. Again, Victron backs it, not the dealer/supplier.

No one offers point two anywhere that I am aware of.

Just my 2 cents.

The context of this thread ito service/support is nowhere related to the above two points. The inverter must go in … that is the question, who can remove it off the wall for the client.

Just to close this one off.

He’s not willing to be without the inverter during loadshedding and it sounds like there’s no changeover installed back then :upside_down_face: which makes removing it a bit more of a mission.

For now he runs it with an external fan to help the charging temperature issue. He’s cautiously optimistic that there will be some reprieve in April (when there’s money for diesel) where there will be a gap to have it taken in for a repair.

Thanks @TheTerribleTriplet and @JacoDeJongh for the suggestions / offers.

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My suggestion would be for him to anyways get an electrician to install a changeover, and then sommer solder a new fan on. If the external fan solves the problem, then presumably it just requires a new fan inside. Get a good Noctua one. :+1:
@plonkster, is this a PWM fan? (3pin or 4pin? And voltage 5/12/24?)

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A business idea …?

A great service would have been to have loan units installed whilst repairs are effected/waiting for a warranty replacement. But that would be silly expensive.

Unless warranty replacement units could be repaired at below cost/next to nothing like pillaging other warranty replaced units for parts, the units that cannot enter the market again because their serial numbers still reflect <5 years, and use them as an interim measure, tie one over.

Not my idea … maybe I could be speaking out of some experience. :wink:

Thought that once the loan units are >5 years old, sell them into the 2nd hand market again, to recoup the costs.

That is my idea.:slight_smile:

Also, having had the “joy” of taking down a unit to send in, has made me seriously consider how to install the inverter “plug and play” … disconnect the wires quickly, lift the 32kg off the bracket safely, put the new 32kg one in, connect all the wires quick.

Versus the mess to open up all the trunking, then getting it all back in as neat as it was before after one had to lift 32kg back up without dropping it … falling off the ladder.