Victron Quattro with Vensu GX does not start generator at preset SOC

Good day, I have a Victron Quattro that is conencted to a Venus GX. I have a 16kva generator that is connected to AC1 on the Quattro and the auto start/stop function is connected to realy1 on the Venus GX. However, the VRM remote console settings for the auto start is set to start generator at 18%, while the Minimim SOC is 30%. My generator will start at SOC of 30% instead of 18%. Does anybody have an idea what setting.settings are incorrect.

When the generator-autostart feature starts the generator, it will always tell you why. Example, this one started the generator because the AC load was too high.


Also make sure you don’t have quiet hours turned on, and a different threshold set for quiet hours.


Hi plonkster

Thnsk for the response. Under Generator stop/start conditions, only the Battery SOC is enabled. The battery SOC start value is 18% and teh stop value is 25%.

Under conditions, only the Battery SOC is enabled.

Unxder generator stop/start settings, quite hours is disabled


Two questions:

1.Where can I select the accepted frequency range for the generator. I think it might be a possible reason why my quattro is not registering the AC input?
2. Is AC1 the correct or default input for generators, or should the generator rather be connected to AC2.


One question, are you running ESS (if you don’t know what that is, the answer is probably no). With ESS it is a little harder to get cheaper generators to tie with a Multi.

If you are running ESS, newer firmware allows selecting more lenient grid preferences for AC-in-1. For example, you’d probably set it up like this, so AC-in-2 uses the NRS097 grid code, and AC-in-1 uses grid code “Other” which is a lot more lenient, and you can also disable LOM (loss of mains) detection to make it even more lenient, but I would not advise that.

If you turn off the UPS function, it becomes even more lenient, but changeover becomes a bit slower. Trial and error.

We advise that people put the generator on AC-in-1. I will briefly list the reasons.

  1. The Quattro prioritises AC-in-1 over AC-in-2. If you put the generator on AC-in-1, simply starting the generator causes it to switch over, no additional switching off of the grid is needed, should you want to switch to the generator while the grid is on (for whatever reason). It also makes a “test run” more representative.
  2. The Quattro cannot black-start from AC-in-2. If the grid is out for an extended period of time and the battery runs out completely, you will not be able to get the system back up with a generator unless it is on AC-in-1.
  3. All the enhancements, such as the above grid code selection, only works if the generator is on AC-in-1.
  4. Future enhancements, such as this one also only work if the generator is on AC-in-1.

At the moment there is one reason to put the generator on AC-in-2, and that is if you want to use this feature, which automatically stops the generator if grid-power returns.


However, this is being fixed so that it will also work if the grid is on AC-in-2. It is already supported in the latest Multi/Quattro firmware, and will soon be supported in Venus as well.