Victron quatro software problem

Hi i have installed 3 5kva quatros in parrallel. Seems like there is a sofware issue. Inverters seem to get more confused as time goes by. Everything was working well for a while. Now it doesnt even switch to inverter during power failure. Shows low battery and master doesnt switch on when grid is on.

Please PM me your number, will be quicker to try and sort this directly. We can report back here later?

Sorry new on this site . Dont know how to pm. My nr is 0826336107.

Click on the name of the person in the post, and in the popup that shows up there is a Message button. QED.

Thank you Jaco. Problem solved. Seems the problem was wrong settings.


Glad I could help. Shout if something similar happen in the future, willing to assist again