Victron Pylontech internal Failure

i have a 3-phase Victron System with 5 Pylontech US2000. 3 of the Pylontech are US2000B+ and 2 are US2000C.
When the SOC are down and under 13-15% i become a “internal Failure” in my Victron System. I dont now, is this a big problem or only a “warning”. with the batteryview i have a look in my 5 Pylontech. They are different firmware version. The US2000B+ have the firmware 3.4 and the US2000C the firmware version 1.8.
Does it make sense to performe a firmware upgrade? Where can i download the right firmware an wath is the right way to upgrade the Pylontech? Is ther a HowTo anyway?
I would be very happy about a help. I heard that Pylontech technicians are reading along here, maybe they can help me easily. I have Screenshots from the Failure and the batteryview from all 5 Pylontech attached here.

Many thanks an best regards from germany


Here the Screenshot from the Victron / Pylontech Internal Failure

Hallo @goliat0815 , schön dich kennenzulernen!

The Victron display is merely relaying the alarm that was sent by the battery on the CAN-bus. Ideally you should run BatteryView while the battery is in this condition, and look for a low cell. I don’t know what Pylontech considers a low cell, but I would expect a value below 2.9V or even below 2.8V.

I don’t think the Pylontech people actually read this forum actively, I suspect one of their employees visited a few times just to warn people about installing just any old firmware they find on the internet.

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Guten Morgen.

Ich bin auf das gleiche Problem wie Sie bei PYLONTECH US2000C gestoßen.
Wenn dieses Problem nicht schwerwiegend ist, erscheint die Benachrichtigung „Interner Fehler“ und verschwindet von selbst in weniger als einer Minute. Wenn die Benachrichtigung weiterhin angezeigt wird und Sie den Akku zurücksetzen müssen, um ihn zu entfernen, müssen Sie diesen Akku möglicherweise austauschen.
Ich habe versucht, diesen Akku mit der Software „BATTERY VIEW“ zu steuern, aber es funktioniert nicht auf meinem US2000C. Können Sie mir bitte einen Link geben, um diese Software herunterzuladen?
Vielen Dank im Voraus.

– Translation for the Saffers (by someone who only understands a little German :slight_smile: ). —

Good morning,

I’ve bumped into the same problem as you with the US2000C. When this problem is not critical (heavy-weighing), it will go away by itself in less than a minute. When the message is shown longer than that and you need to reset the battery to remove the message, you should perhaps consider replacing the battery.

I have tried to manage this battery with the BatteryView software, but it doesn’t work on my US2000C. Can (any of) you give me a link where I can download it?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @ACAMA , when it comes to this software, the best is to contact Pylontech support to ensure you get the exact correct version. Bricking the battery is no fun. It may help to ask for the latest firmware as well, because they will usually send a copy of BatteryView with the firmware package as a single zip file.