Victron/Pylontech installers in PE/JBay area

Hi guys

Other than Eon Friend in PE, who else is certified agents for Victron.

Would love if they also sell Pylontech, otherwise that can be done separate and just supplied.

Need to do a system for my mother.


I haven’t heard from them in a long time. Are they still called Telecom Techniques Solar?

I SMS spoke to him night before last, but he’s not being responsive, now asked twice if he can help and nothing, so looking at additional options.

I know there is a guy here in Jbay, hoping that the names I get here includes him, and it’s not a I can cut a wire, I can fit anything… where’s the owners brochure that says how to install… fly by night… to many of them,
can do anything for $$$.

I used to know Eon’s father Andre quite well. Was on several jobs with him and even flew to Zim with him once. They did decent installations. Unfortunately it has been a long time since I heard from him.
I don’t know anybody else in PE/JBay.

He did my install 2 years ago, very happy customer, good job,

company was still then called Telecom Techniques.


Oh there are at least two other very capable companies, if you cannot wait for the tour Jaco undertakes bi-annually :slight_smile:

You can talk to Riaan at All Electrical. They also do industrial automation type things, VSDs, etc. They are an ABB shop, they are fond of pairing a Multiplus with an ABB/Fimer PV-inverter.

You can also talk to SolarVault, guy’s name is Ross.

please pm me numbers.
Jaco, when’s your bi-annual trip, my mom is getting slightly g@tvol atm for the load shedding and she’s hounding me now :wink:

@ChrisHobson should also be able to help as he is now based in PE.