Victron Promotion

Published on Social media, so everyone probably already knows :slight_smile:

There are two promotions. The first is the 3-phase promotion. Buy 2, get the 3rd one free. The second is the single phase promotion: Buy a Multi, get the Cerbo free.


Perhaps a link to participating stores? For those of us that don’t have any social media accounts :slight_smile:

It was posted by one of the Dutch Resellers. I’m sure if you ask your dealer, he’ll be able to get you a deal. There are already similar “dealer only” deals going on too, which allows dealers to make very competive offers. If you’re looking at buying, now is the time.

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Clearing stock in preparation of the new HF lineup? :stuck_out_tongue:

If my MPII 5kw wasn’t doing so well I would be very very keen on a 8kw…

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Shhh! :slight_smile:

I’m wanting a 5Kw down the line… as upgrade from my 3kw.

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Sonop Solar is an authorized distributor of Victron and can you get this promotion from us.

To get the promotion contact us via e-mail:

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Sonop Solar

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Hey @SonopSolar, welcome, it is certainly good to have you here!

(I know at least three people with the same name who are into Solar, and one of them is at Sonop :slight_smile: ).

Thank you.

We are Sonop Solar ( PTY) Ltd in the Western Cape.
Looking forward to assist.

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Sonop Solar


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