Victron product support and warranty


I have two victron products
Quattro 8kva
Mppt 150/100

These was supplied by my original installer in feb2020.
I want to know what warranty there is on these two products ?

Due to my PV array being damaged in hail storm, I have to replace the PV array. The new supplier may have to supply and install a new mppt to 250/100.

How do I validate that the new supplier is in good standing with victron ?

5 year warranty from day of purchase. If no proof of purchase, then 5 years from day of manufacture. Victron knows through what reseller the product was purchased. Perhaps not the exact shop, but they will know who bought it first.

Manufacturing date is on the serial number. It will start with HQ, followed by 4 digits which represent the year, and the week of the year it was made.

There isn’t really such a thing as “good standing”, at least an installer that goes awol or even a reseller that goes out of business does not invalidate the warranty. It is however easier to return something through the same channel that you bought it, but outside that, any Victron shop should be able to help you out with a replacement. Installers “in good standing” will often replace it on the spot and handle the RMA afterwards.