Victron portal change?

So this morning on my way to work, walking via the garage where my install is, I spotted in the corner of my eye red/orange light flashing, it’s the Cerbo GX unit flashing orange and the RS connectors not flashing. hhhmmmmmmm… and then it went blue again and the RS connectors start flashing. OK, maybe a update.

So off to work I go, stop at work and log on to my PC, and this how the portal looks like.

Not the portal of yesterday and shows under last updated “a few seconds ago” but if you go in the Remote console it shows life update.

Is some of you guys the same?

Could be this… dbus-mqtt: Traceback when reading R/SYSTEMID/system/0/Connected · Issue #1110 · victronenergy/venus · GitHub

Edge on the left and Chrome on the right side.

Thanks for the quick responds Plonkster and help. What must I do to sort it out?

Doesn’t look as if anything is wrong on your end. There were a few “cannot connect” errors around 6AM, but everything else seems perfectly fine.

I assume the problem is that it won’t go into a real time display, with mqtt?

That was the funny thing when I walk into the garage, the GX showed orange LED and the one rs485 connector red to. I wanted to hard restart it but just as I wanted to pull the power the unit connected again and the RS485 connectors showed coms again.

I think I will remotely restart the GX quickly and see what it’s doing. Everything was still working fine last night.

Thanks a Million @plonkster . Looks like it’s sorted now.

I think it’s time to run RJ45 cable to the unit to get a more stable connection. Just need to get that beetle build finished, then garage revamp is next with all the extras.