Victron NodeRed to control SSR relays for boiling the water ModBus TCP

i would like to setup my 3x MP2 setup with CerboGX to control SSR relays to boil water when we start to sell the production to grid. Seems the NodeRed is easy to control, but I cant find some device what will do the slave and control SSR relays what will regulate boiling resistors. It needs some Modbus TCP device with PWM or 0-10V regulation. Any idea about such device and connection? all is in same LAN Thnaks

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Easily in NodeRed will program small script, where factry start produce power to grid will switch on SSR relay in some device I/O module to warm water. Looking for that device what can control SSR relays and flowlesly control it from commands modbus tcp came from nodered.

If I may attempt to interpret: Do you want to use an SSR relay to turn on your geyser? And the SSR relay should be controlled by NodeRed, running on your CerboGX? You want to achieve this using ModBus TCP communications?

The water boiler is 3 phase warming system, each phase has 2.2kW spiral, there will be 3 SSR relyas what will control each phase so i can fluently control power of each spiral on each phase. When cerbo finds it can sell some energy will route it to this boiler and regulate power.
Control is from nodered sended by modbus tcp to LAN. Now i need IO module to read modbus commands and control relays. Relays are 4to32V DC controled for example. Example carlo gavazzi rgc1a60d15kke