Victron Multplus 2 grid import setting

I’ve inadvertently changed something via VRM I think, on a system I keep an eye on for someone else. Previously solar would supply the AC and Critical loads but it now imports a fair amount from the grid as shown in the image. Any guidance for where to look would be appreciated. It has always been set to optimized without battery life. Meter is set to import 150W, anything less and it’ll occasionallly trip the PAYG meter.


There is no Battery, so first look there. Check is there is something set as the Battery Monitor.

There is? (bottom middle)
Unless I’m missing something obvious.

My suggestion before the smart boys jump in: check MinSoC (if that’s set to 100%, then all PV is going to batteries until they’re charged)

Thanks. Minimum SOC is and always was 20%. Battery is 14KWh SMD.

Deleted … I was tired.

Before sunrise at 06h00 it’s using the grid and battery 50/50 ish. Loads are base and heat pump.


Daytime with no AC loads all is normal.


This behaviour can be achieved with Virtual Switch / Ignore AC input configuration…not sure what is in your config so just guessing…
are you able to download/share the config file?

Thanks. I’m not able to download the config file at the moment. The wacky behavior continues.

The information displayed makes no sense so I’m beginning to think the GX is confused.