Victron Multiplus-II 48/5000/70-50 for sale

Have decided to sell my beloved blue 5Kva inverter to upgrade to a 8Kva or possibly 10Kva

Unfortunately due to space limitations I’m unable to stack 2 x 5Kva, real pity :frowning_face:

Date of purchase is June 2020 so still has +4 years of warranty remaining.

Bought for R33k asking for R20k current retail price is around R29k.

P.S. I’m based in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Have you ever considered making a bracket. mounting one on the wall, the other in front of it, versus next to each other?

FWIW, if I had spare cash, I would have bought this right now!!! … but that would have been a HOBBY level buy. :wink:

Where are you based?

Ja if only it wasn’t so much work to get it fabricated, haven’t seen that anywhere.

Might also be a real pain if you ever have to access the rear unit.

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Based in Midrand - Johannesburg

I would love to buy this to upgrade! If I can only get a decent price for my Multi II 3Kva 48V which also has about 3,5-4 years left on the warrant.

I’ll see what I can do in the mean time.

Aluminum square tubing and ConnectIT will be perfect for that…

Very low cost and flexible. No welding needed.

I actually got a photo of 3 mount in front each other, will go check where it is quickly.

@pridgom here you go.



@Gman what a fantastic solution!!

How much will that cost??

Not my design but will not be so expensive I guess. You can make your own one but there will be some metal work places that will make it for you.