Victron Multiplus II 48/3000/5000 fan control

There are several threads about the noisy Multis etc.
In this thread I would like to discuss and share information on how the cooling fan is being controlled.

My observations so far are that the cooling fan kicks in very soon after the power being drained from the inverter raises above 1500W (probably ~ 1min), no matter of the temperature of the unit (however the inverter box is cool does not mean that the FETs are not getting hot very quickly).

The fan does not start at all when the charger/inverter current is bellow 10A. If the current is above 10A (probably between 10-20A) the fan starts after 5mins of continuous charge/drain with that current, no matter if the temperature is not high enough. Having the current even slightly bellow 10A stops the fan almost immediately.

Worth having more insight of the parameters and conditions that drive the fan on and off.

I am especially interested in whether there are ways to program or configure the fan control or if this would be ever possible. In the above observations, I would like to increase the threshold for the fan start to 15A unless there are temperature conditions that would required the fan to kick in of course.

I think there is a Silent assistant that will stop the fan. Then you get throttled, but you could then do cooling externally.