Victron Multiplus II 24|3000|70 plus MTTPs and Batteries for sale

I’m selling my previous Victron inverter along with 3 x Rentech 2.4 batteries. In perfect working condition. I’ve upgraded, hence selling. The system is about 1.5 - 2 years old with minimal cycles on the batteries as my solar panels kept them charged during the day. Note that one photo shows the complete previous installation, however I’ll only be selling the Inverter, charge controllers and batteries, not the other equipment as I’ve upgraded to a larger Victron system (installed about 2 weeks ago).

Inverter specs: Victron MultiPlus-II 24/3000/70-32 230V Sine Wave Charger Inverter | LiveStainable

3 x Battery specs:

Would ideally want to sell it as a set, battery bracket (aircon bracket capable of 300kgs) will be included if someone buys the set.

Area: Pretoria.

Previous installation prior to upgrade:



Disconnected 2 weeks ago, awaiting a new owner:

Battery details:

I’m open to offers!

Nobody interested? Any comments as to why possibly not?

It’s a small system, but works perfectly for keeping all the lights, WiFi, fridges and TVs on.

The forum is quite small, and most will already have a system…

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Can I suggest you price the items so prospects have a ballpark to work with…

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Thanks! I’m honestly not sure, it’s not new and I’m not sure how well Victron or the maintains their value. Probably 50% of what they cost new?

Victron has a strong 2nd hand market … 24v is the oddball in my opinion with Lithium batts. They are scarcer than 12v and 48v.

It has the NRS certification. So there is that awesome bit.

Sold the set for R40k