Victron Multi HS19 3-Phase Inverter

The forthcoming Victron Multi HS19 3-Phase Inverter is apparently exhibited at the Intersolar Europe 2023 expo from 14-16 Jun 2023, according to the Victron blog, which states:

Multi HS19 15kW is a rack mountable three-phase Inverter/Charger with 4 x Multi Power Point Tracking Solar Charge Controllers 800VDC from an (up to) 1000VDC, 32kWp solar array. The units can be paralleled to provide large industrial processes with power from an entirely sustainable energy supply. (This product is not yet available to order, but coming soon).


Kudos to @Phil.g00 for posting the photo first in another thread.


A little more (not English):

and ( with subtitles):

Man, I wish you could get rackmount versions of the Multiplus. So much neater having all your gear in a rack with forced cooling.

That’s a great repackaging idea. And for the Quattros too. First prize would be if both form factors (wall and rack mount) are functionally identical and re-certification can be avoided.

Alternatively, it shouldn’t be too difficult to develop an aftermarket rackmount kit into which the unit can be inserted, and only the display and lights extended/moved to the front so that the existing wiring connectors are then at the rear. First prize would be if Victron approved it and warranty was retained.

It has to sit upright though, to cool properly. I suppose you could fit it horizontally, and it is done in many RV installations, but you’d have to add some form of forced cooling for higher power situations. Could probably include that in the design.

Might as well make the RS MPPT rack-mountable at the same time. Also already force-cooled.
Things are just so much neater in racks with rails. And you can lock everything away from people who should not be poking around.

This has been sitting for some time. I wonder when this inverter is coming out?