Victron / MQTT grid connected/not?

Hi all

I use to use the following topic to determine if the grid is connected or not?
Has this changed, whats a good dependable topic to use.


made decision on if value is 0 (grid=yes) or not 0 (grid=no//fail/load shedding)


Hi @georgelza

I use: N/XXXX/vebus/276/Ac/ActiveIn/L1/F
If frequency is 0 then Grid is down.


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strangely i got some flows that work… but when i go mqtt explorer i see nothing pass N/XXXX, there is no vebus sub dir structure.

is this a VERY short lived structure ?


My value is Retained
Look for the Multiplus and use this value…?

… left mqtt explorer open, it came, there was bucket loads of topics and then it was like someone took a eraser and started cleaning out… strange.

how’s the TTL/persistence of your topics/values?


… more data point… while i’m watching the VRM web interface, it seems to populate the mqtt broker with values, if i navigate away it seems to say, you not looking so i’m not posting.

arggg… strange…

@plonkster ? did i break something ?


Correct. It has an inactivity timer and it stops sending keepalives if you’re not watching it on VRM. You have to send your own periodic keepalives.

so i was publishing a current date/time to R//system/0/Serial as a keep alive… from node_red

what would be a better keep alive,


Just publish a blank payload to that topic and it should remain alive.

Venus 3.00 has some fixes to that too.

Inject every 30s … Works for me and may not be perfect I know :wink:

… so i’ve got the keep alive configured in node-red to keep that connect from it alive with the VRM/mqtt broker…

and then i have various node red flows consuming from VRM/broker.

but still it is as if if i don’t open VRM web interface then these flows are unstable, no dependable.


am i expecting it to do something that it’s not to do.

my keep alive in node red i assume will keep those flows working, even when the node red page is closed.