Victron MPPT for DC source - Non PV

Good day,

Just curious - say I have a DC source at max 100v, 20A (not PV solar), could one use a Victron MPPT (eg. 150/30) to tie this into my Victron Inverter?

Appreciate any thoughts thanks

In short, definitely yes. I cant help to wonder what will drive this power supply, and as long as the volts remains roughly = to bat volts plus 5 volts you should be fine.

I have run many tipes of powere supplies into MPPTs for different test ext and it worked perfectly.

Agreed, please share, would love to know what is supplying it?

Thanks Jaco - suspected as much…

Not sure I follow you? If we getting 100v on the input, the MPPT/Inverter settings should keep output at configured Bat volts eg. 54v or am I missing something…?


Well, that is definitely more than VBat+5V… so you should be fine :slight_smile:

The MPPT cannot start unless the input is at least 5V higher than battery voltage, and it cannot run at all if the input is less than 1V above the battery voltage. If you have a constant 100V from somewhere, you will be fine.

In fact, I run MPPTs from power supplies all the time, because that’s just easier to simulate situations rather than using real solar panels. The one power supply I’ve got has a built-in module that simulates a PV-curve too. Essential for working with a Fronius PV-inverter, a flat curve confuses it completely :wink:

Ok, thanks for the clarification :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

To clarify, you said max 100volt, I wasn’t sure what the minimum were, so my explication was based on the minimum you need to keep the Mppt going.

Hi Jaco, got you…
At this stage, everything is conceptual so real min functional volts is an unknown - will find out if and when we get from concept to real world - have a great day