Victron MPPT 150\35

I see a few of these for sale which concerns me…
Then I came across this video: Huge Victron MPPT 150/35 problem, small channel problem, Raspberry Pi and bus bars incoming. UPDATE! - YouTube (see 9 min into video)
Any comments?

I had one and no issues. Solid kit!!

Andy has follow-up vids, I think that unit was replaced, a bug in the firmware, between model changes, or something.

Those 150/35’s as Mark said, are rock solid. Victron backup is even better if there is ever a problem.

And no, I’m not saying that just because. I have walked that talk a couple of times.

I’ve had multiple 150/35 and 100/50 MPPTs (they are similar architecture) and they are rock solid. One of my 150/35s I gave to a family member up in Pretoria and it is still running. The other one services my “East array”.

Mine runs 100% at full load almost every day, now more than a year.