Victron inverter rs 48/6000 smart solar

Now this is a sweet addition to the menu :wink:

Looks like no Grid AC Input so OffGrid only (@plonkster am I correct?)

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Nice unit, I like it…

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The price looks very good!

Yes. It’s an HF design (high frequency, Victron’s first). It takes the PV on the high voltage DC side (ie, like a Goodwe), so it has a 450VDC input from the PV side. At the moment it is an inverter only, and it has only a single tracker. Watch this space however, there are things in the pipeline. There are always things in the pipeline.

Oh, and yes, you can put a Fronius on its output. You can AC-couple your PV.

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Oh, and it has a VE-Direct and a CAN-bus connection. Future developments will likely do away with VE.Bus and standardise on CAN-bus, which I think is an excellent development.

OK, so now they’re trying to copy SunsynK?

Imo they are trying to adapt to market trends and customer requirements. All company’s do it from time to time. Victron has done a lot of development in the last couple of years and I am pretty sure Sunsynk was not the sole reason, and even if Sunsynk did play a role in developing the new models then I have to thank them for the insperation. The way I remember it, the idea of a high frequency was inspired by Goodwe a while back.

Yes, they are trying to break into the “non-boat” consumer market. The question is at what price point and if its aggressive enough they will cannabilise from their existing “Non-boat” market…They’re hoping that the brand alone is something people are prepared to pay extra for when it comes to similar products. Hopefully the consumer will win, lowering prices and increasing service levels.

Wow, that is a tall order, with an near perfect existing service platform, I can’t think of much they can do to improve…


This is funny… because that inverter has been in development since before the Sunsynk came on the market.

Also, sunsynk was hardly first with an HF inverter that could grid-tie. If you want to be pedantic, Voltronic already did that with their InfiniSolar range almost ten years ago. The first ones were just very expensive and the cheaper ones were not very reliable.

Finally, do not for a minute think that manufacturers don’t “copy” products. Every manufacturer buys examples of their competitors products and “borrows” ideas. The moment you put it on the market, it can be legitimately bought and an electronic engineer can “reverse engineer” some of your tricks, and use it in their own. This is in my opinion a good thing, and miles removed from, for example, FangPusun just making a direct copy including YOUR software and manual, and then reselling it.