Victron firmware update

I did a firmware update of the Cerbo and inverter (Quattro II) yesterday. Before the update I got the batter charge state as a %


After the update:


The battery is not showing up in the Cerbo’s console either:



Any thoughts? I’ll double check the cable although I haven’t touched it.

Well, one obvious question would be… what battery? And on what Venus version were you before the upgrade?

Pylontech US3000C

VRM says that battery was last seen 2 months ago.

Hmm. This is very curious. I have reverted the firmware (very neat feature to be able to do that!) and the batteries still don’t show. I don’t understand how I could have seen the SOC before then?

Yeah, they have “forgotten” to load shed us. They started to remember again today… That big drop was because there was an outage in the area due to transformer maintenance.

Anyway, there you can see that the SOC was captured. Is this independent of the battery monitor? Could I have had a cable fault all this time and be aware of it?!

in Venus OS - Settings / Services / VE.Can port / Can-bus profile is it set to CAN-bus BMS (500 kbit/s)?


Then it suggest a cable fault :thinking:

What does VRM say?
When did comms stop, at which point?

It turns out when they say “master” battery, they mean it! :joy:

I had the cable plugged into the wrong battery! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I am still puzzled about the screenshots above though.

Everything is fine again. Case closed.

Thanks all.

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you were getting an soc from the inverter and not directly from the batteries bms.

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