Victron ESS - Scheduled Charging

I do like it but use Node Red instead… but for the Victron only user this will add alot of value.

Plus you can set 5 different scenarios for 5 time periods in the day! @TheTerribleTriplet :wink:


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Why did you think of me and Scheduled Charging?

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I did send you a link privately of something that was planned as well… look out for it in Venus 3.0, if all goes to plan :slight_smile:

Anything new needs a “Fiddle” by the TTT! Just because…:wink:

June 2023? :wink:

I’m getting too old for that. :slight_smile:

That feature uses Eskom. Which makes perfect sense, I made another plan.

Using the Venus Large OS … Release Candidate and all that. :slight_smile:

“There, I fixed it” - keep inverter max W to what the panels can do for bad weather.

And the SOC - to increase it, again, for bad weather:

And I worked around the SOC of 100%, set it to Keep Charged instead without using Eskom, so that the house benefits from the panels, and the batts are kept nicely in place for anytime LS and evening use, even with LS.