Victron emergency shut down procedure

I removed my Voltronic Infinisolar last night and replaced it with the Multiplus 5000.

I followed the Infinisolar shut down procedure and ran the same procedure in reverse when commissioning the Multi.

It occurred to me that the Multi procedure might be different. I looked online but found nothing.

Could someone please confirm the correct sequence of events to shut down a Multi? @plonkster? Am I over thinking it and you simply throw the switch?

I print the procedure and have it on the wall next to the inverter in case a family member needs to shut the inverter down.

My process:

  1. Change loads back to Eskom.
  2. Switch off the panels.
  3. Switch off the AC breakers to the inverter.
  4. Switch off the inverter.
  5. Switch off the batteries.

To switch back on:

  1. Switch on the batteries.
  2. Switch on the inverter
  3. Switch on the AC breakers to the inverter.
  4. … Wait for it to sync to Eskom … ±63 seconds
  5. Switch on the panels
  6. Change loads back to Inverter.
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It will probably depend what kind of emergency.

If you need the AC power to be off ASAP, just throw the front panel switch.

If the DC cabling is smoking and you need to remove that ASAP, throw front panel switch (if possible) and then pull the DC fused disconnect/breaker.

If you have the luxury of time, you always try to take the load off before throwing switches. So a full shutdown would likely be:

  1. Drop loads on AC-out by opening the breaker.
  2. If you have a changeover switch, change over to grid, you can switch that at this point.
  3. Switch off inverter on front panel.
  4. Disconnect AC-in with breaker.
  5. Disconnect DC at fused-disconnect/breaker.

Going back to inverter would be the reverse of that.

Thank you both @plonkster and @TheTerribleTriplet

My current procedure is:

  • Switch off inverter AC output breaker

  • Switch off inverter AC input breaker

  • Switch off PV breakers

  • Switch off inverter

  • Disconnect battery bank

Should I be shutting down the inverter between switching the AC in off and AC out off?

The order isn’t really all that important. It’s a low frequency design, it’s not really going to matter.

The only thing that I think is important is to shut down the inverter before removing the DC power. Or you may find (like my friend @TheTerribleTriplet) that the Multi keeps in running without the battery (cause the solar chargers are still working). But again, if it is an emergency and you have smoking cables… forget about all that. Inverter is very unlikely to be damaged… pull the DC disconnect.

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Imagine how boring these forums would be without the mishaps!? :laughing:

Recall that day as if it was yesterday … man, imagine a system working happily on with NO AC and NO batteries … it was spooky …

Hi all.

This seems to be the thread for my issue. No emergency though.

I’m planning on adding a 2nd critical load DB on the AC1 out and I suppose that terminal bites.

Just need to connect and route live and neutral wires of about two meters from the inverter to the new one.

Will the inverter be ok if I just switch it off at the rocker switch at the bottom? I will switch the 1st critical loads DB back to Eskom before I shut the inverter down.

Or do I need to do something else too?

So this is what I had in mind to do:

  1. Switch current critical loads to Eskom with the changeover switch
  2. Shut down grid power to the inverter
  3. Switch it of

Just want a avoid a situation where settings are lost, or everything needs to be set up again etc.

Oh yes and one last question.

The 2nd critical load DB will have its own neutral bar, but these circuits will obviously be “connected” with the neutrals in the in the 1st critical load DB through the inverter. Is this fine?

Sorry for dumbass questions, this is not my day job.

All here …

Yes I did look at this, but it is also kind of the point for my shortened list

Why do I need to switch of my panels and the batteries also? What would be the purpose for this?

And this does not answer my question about the neutrals. :slight_smile:

That will do just fine.

You can do it that way, just make sure they are from the output of the inverter. In other words, dont mix neutrals

Thanks Jaco, I’m halfway there. Just waiting for an extra neutral bar to inserted in the 2nd critical db and then I should be good. It currently only has a neutral bar for the non critical loads.

I suppose to comply with regulations, this db should also have its own earth leakage. Sigh, the price for comfort.

But at least my garage door, lights, plugs and gate motor will now also benefit from solar.