Victron Dip Switches for Color GX

Good Day Everyone,

I am quite new to this forum and have read up on a lot of information that all of you shared.

I do require some assistance and hope that there is someone on this forum that ran into the same challenges.

I recently bought a Victron Easysolar 12/1600 unit for a steal second hand. I want to add a Color GX to it as it doesn’t have one like its bigger brothers. When I read the instruction manual it makes mention of changing dip switches 1 and 2 and then flicking 8 on then off to accept the new changes. Only then you can plug the Color GX.

Have any of you added a Color GX to such a unit and am I on the correct path of adding the unit?


Hi Welcome here.

I would not change any dipswitches. Buy your GX and add it via cable. All other additions will also use its own cable to the GX.

Hi Jaco,

Thank You for the warm welcome…I have a Color GX in hand already. My Cerbo GX will be installed on a bigger system which I am planning to add next month.

I will be doing a software upgrade on the inverter this evening and then only plug in the Color GX…I will take your advice and leave the dip switches.

Newer firmware doesn’t use the dip switches. Back with the 19 series processor, the memory used for that feature was deemed more useful elsewhere. So as Jaco says, just plug in the GX. It should just work.