Victron Connect - Now with Widgets

A really cool update!


Victron Connect

It’s actually part of the VRM app. (Took me a while to figure that out.)

I agree, it’s very cool!

Sure. It connects to VRM but the widgets are installed with VictronConnect.

Really useful!

I had VictronConnect installed and the widgets were not there. Only after I installed the VRM app did the widgets become available.

This was on Android. Perhaps iOS is different.

apologies - VRM it is… mine updated and I didn’t spot it…;(

Anyone managed to get it working for iOS yet?

*Edit: Nevermind, it looks like it came through as an update recently. Works! It is the VRM app that enables the widgets on iOS.

Nice! Now if only HA would allow me some sensor widgets…

How does one activate/install/access these widgets?

Have both the VRM and Victron Connect app but don’t see them?

On iOS I hold my finger on the background, when the icons start jiggling, I tap the “+” icon in the top left, search for VRM, and select the widget version I want.

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Thank you!

Got it done🙂