Victron CerboGX tank level sensor

Hi All

I am looking to monitor tank levels (JoJo for drinking water).

Where can I find a sensor compatible with the CerboGX tank sensor input?


Maybe one of these will suit?
(I have no experience with them).

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Thanks Phil

Was looking at similar to this but in SA and CHEAPER :wink:

That sensor isn’t directly compatible with the Cerbo. The Cerbo only supports resistive sensors that output between 0-180 Ohm (EU models) 230-30 Ohm (US) that are typically used in fuel tanks. (You can see the one @Phil.g00 listed is quite small relative to a Jojo tank.)

If you want to use a voltage-level sensor, like the one you listed, you’ll need an adapter that seems to be pretty scarce, or you can use the official GX Tank 140 - Victron Energy USB accessory:

  • Interfaces with either 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V tank level sensors (including a combination of both).
  • Configurable input range, for example to connect a 0 to 5V sensor.

0-10V & 4-20ma sensors are typically used for water storage tanks (on land).

FWIW: Cheaper:21.46£ 20% OFF|0-5v 0-10v Water Level Sensor Level Transmitter Anti-clogging Sensor Water Leakage Sensor Water Tank Pressure Transmitter Fuel - Sensors - AliExpress (not SA :frowning: )

Thanks Marius!!

I have looked at the Tank 140 but only need 1 sensor for all my tanks - they are on the same level so equalise - trying to find a cheaper solution.

If you’re only looking for IS_FULL and IS_EMPTY, you can maybe just use the really cheap sensors top & bottom wired to a digital input?

I want to see the full range so Tank 140 may the only option…

Hmm, I’m thinking one of those “tank” sensors might work pretty well for a pool… The range above and below the weir is the only part you really care about :slight_smile:

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