Victron BlueSolar MPPT 150/85 for sale

This one: Datasheet / Manual (150/85 model)

R 8 000.

I was very happy with this model and it went into the garage when we moved. It’s the original Ve.CAN version and can pair with a Venus, but can’t be controlled from ESS. It will still work based on voltages, report stats to Venus, but won’t scale back automatically to prevent feed-in. You could setup some SOC or other conditions for the Venus relay and wire it to the remote enable input.

If you’re using lead acid, lithium without a management connection, off-grid, or just like relays, it should work well for you.

Northern suburbs, Cape Town.

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Wag, hold on a moment … as you saying the CANbus MPPT’s cannot be controlled by ESS?

The original “portrait” metal case VE.Can MPPTs cannot, the new ones can. Can CAN.

However, they still work as designed: you can set max amps using the built-in display and use the “allow to charge” contacts to turn it on & off based on your battery’s “allow to charge” output or another relay.

See instructions for BYD batteries: Victron & BYD [Victron Energy]. This actually works for connected batteries too.

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Considering an offer… DM me a price if you’re interested.

I am interested.