Victron 75/15 MPPT absorption over voltage


I recently bought a Smartsolar 75/15 which I use with a 160W panel on a Revov 100Ah lithium battery, permanent installation on my electric fence energizer and gate motor.

Absorption is set at 14.1v as per Revov specs, Float at 13.7v.
I noticed 3 days in a row now that the battery voltage went up to 14.11v as shown in Victron Connect as well as the BMS app.

It’s probably nothing and I shouldn’t sweat it since the BMS is supposed to be able to handle it, but I just don’t like it to see the over voltage counter go up on the BMS. ;smily

Is it normal, should I just ignore it, or try set absorption to 14.09v?

I’ve also never saw this with my Smartsolar 100/20 in the caravan, its absorption is on 14.2v and it never goes over 14.2.

.01V is nothing. It’s .07%. The calibration on the MPPT and/or the BMS is probably worse than this. I would ignore it.

I would probably just take it down 50mV or something. 14.05V.