VenusOS Pi 3B Waveshare CAN HAT overruns / errors

Hello everyone.

I recently flashed the VenusOS on a Pi 3B from 2.8x to 2.94 (and have since updated to v3.0.0)
But I now have a error with the CAN comms from the Pylontech bank (5x US3000’s)

The Waveshare version is the old 8Mhz version.
My /u-boot/config.txt contains:


Any suggestions?

I use the same CAN HAT but I havent upgraded to v3.0 yet.

Have you tried using this setup helper?

This can be used to automatically configure the HAT.

Then you need to use VeCAN

@PJJ Did you manage to resolve your issue?

Hello @Thaelian not yet, I haven’t invested time again, the comms do work, but because of all the rx errors there is obviously a delay in values updating, but it does seems to work ok-ish for now.

@PJJ Did you manage to get this sorted? I have the same issue as you after upgrading to Venus OS 3.11

@Thaelian No, I never managed to fix it, if yours poped uo after a upgrade I would suggest just downgrading back to your previous version.

@PJJ I managed to fix the issue by upgrading the HAT from a 8MHz to the 12MHz version.