Venus with MPPT / Sunsynk playing together

Hi Guyz,

Just wanted know if had a common dc bus would I be able to Sunsynk 8k with Venus GX, 1 x Blue solar and 1 x Smart Solar. I manage to split the CAN bus signal to both Venus and Sunsynk 8k (getting readings on both Venus and Sunsynk about Voltage,SOC,SOH,etc)

  1. Am I allowed to do that ? Spilt signal to 2 devices
  2. Will it work (having the victron mppts charge the batteries and the builtin mppts feed the non-essentials and essentials)
    Thank you in advance and advise as always valued

Yes. But with some caveats. The GX throws out some CAN frames to tell the battery that 1) the inverter is alive, 2) the inverter is a Victron. Other than that, the GX is passive and simply reads the information that is broadcasted on the CAN-bus. As long as the other inverter doesn’t freak out on a 0x305 and 0x307 CAN id, it should work fine.

This is exactly how CAN-bus is supposed to work anyway. It is a bus network by which various components lets others know what they are doing, and where more than one component may be listening to the same thing (eg in a car there might be multiple things interested in the speed sensor on the wheels, which is used both for ABS and the speedo on the dash :slight_smile: ).

Technically it will work. In practice, the numbers calculated by the GX will be off of course, cause it doesn’t know about that extra DC load…