Venus - reboot when no contact with ethernet?

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The “Reboot device when no contact”, in the Venus device, under “Settings” / “VRM online portal”, is useful with an unreliable wifi connection.

Do you still need this if you use an ethernet cable to the venus device, to a router that is not always on? The scenario here is a Venus GX that is connected to a Thales satellite router that is not always on. The router will be switched two or three times a day, and we need the Venus to then upload the locally stored records when the router becomes available.

Or, maybe a different question - is it harmful for the Venus to reboot all the time :wink:

No need to run the lan, but it remains the best option. No issue in rebooting that i am aware of. I set all my installation’s to reboot between 15 and 20 min after loosing connection.

This is on a modified surfski that will be paddled to Brazil, starting in the next few days. I’ve added an ethernet cable as it is the preferred option - but wondered if I need to keep the reboot thing on. The scenario is that the satellite router on the boat will be mostly switched off, and only on a few times in the day. I assume the venus will then be rebooting in any case, since there is no internet.

What happens with the MPPT data while it is rebooting - cached on the MPPT devices?

As long as the router is on, the GX wont reboot. The reboot function is for the wifi.
If the connection drops due to router not connecting to ISP, i am pretty sure the GX wont reboot.

@plonkster ?

(The router will be switched off most of the time, since it consumes power, and it allegedly is not very good for the occupant of the boat that is in close proximity!)

Connecting the LAn only and not setting up the wifi should work perfectly imo. When it has connection it will upload the stored data to vrm. Remember without an SD card you only have about 3 days internal storage. If the router reconnects to ISP at least every 3 days, you should be fine.

Let me phone a friend and ask him to confirm… differ?

Planed a friend, I think I am wrong… Lets wait for him.

If I recall the setting allows a selectable time after which it will reboot.
So you could for example use 3 hrs, if you wanted to ride through a 2.5hr load-shedding event when the router supply was affected.
I have heard that unstored data will be lost if the reboot happens, but in my experience, I think I lost data regardless during LS anyway.

I think the reboot option is reset everything in case the GX hangs, and so cannot upload to the internet. It’s like a watchdog scenario. As far as I know you loose any data that was not uploaded. The idea here is that the reboot will fix the connection so that the system can work connected. And that if you need to remotely fix something while off site then the reboot will fix the remote support option.

In this scenario where you know the device will only be connected 3 times a day and be disconnected the rest of the time, the reboot will not help at all.
So set it to not reboot and it should function fine and upload as soon as the connection is restored.

OK, had to go read the source. Indeed, it is not specific to Wi-Fi. It will reboot on all contact issues. It will not reboot again within the first 5 minutes after a reboot. There is a setting for deciding how long before it should reboot.

If you’re connecting via ethernet, I would not bother with a reboot setting. It’s more of a modem and/or Wi-Fi thing.

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