Venus OS Large on Pi4 (4gb)

Hi All

Upgraded my HA setup to a Pi4 (8gb) with M.2 SSD - works great!!

Now have a Pi 4 (4gb) free’d up to use for Venus OS large… It’s doesn’t boot with the latest version.
The forums (Victron) is full of posts about it not being compatible with some Pi4 models. Has this been solved? Can’t seem to find a clear answer and if some versions and are fine other not…

Advice and experience please :wink:

Edit: Pi board has manufacturing date of 2018 so probably a old version!

Hi Mark
The problem is that you have now introduced too many unknowns into your setup :smiley:
The P4 does work on the latest 2.7* releases. What I don’t know is if it currently work on the V2.80 version and if it does not then the V2.80 large will also not.

I would suggest rather install the normal V2.80 first. If you can get that to work then try the large, but if it does not rather go with the V2.72/3

Thanks @Louisvdw My thoughts as well… just lots of versions around. I’m going to wait for 2.80 to get the release version and hope that does the trick.

That’s going to be at least another month or two… :slight_smile:

Happy to wait… my Cerbo is doing its job and the HA Pi (with NR) also ticking along :wink: