Venus GX to Cerbo GX config upgrade?

I’ve asked this question on the ‘Big Blue’ forum but it’s so noisy that it just became background noise. Maybe someone here knows.

I got myself a Cerbo GX + Touch SN: HQ2112. Are there any issues with this one like the WiFi + Touch and the Capacitor issue with 48V systems? To me it looks to be a safe serial number but I want to be sure.

Next, what is the best way to migrate Venus to Cerbo config? Is there an easy way or the copy-paste way?


By the official document, yours is not affected. It is before HQ2201. It won’t hurt to add a cap if you are unsure, of course.

This is halfway built into the system already, but there are some things holding it back… multiple media, etc etc. BUT… if you take the settings.xml from one system, and copy it to /data/conf/settings.xml.import on the new Cerbo (you obviously have to root it to get ssh/scp access), then all the applicable settings will be imported on the next reboot. Some things are deliberately left out, but most of it will be there.

(This is a bit of an undocumented feature at the moment, don’t expect it to work forever).

Thanks. That sounds like a plan. I’ll give it a shot as soon as I have a new mounting spot for the Cerbo/Touch and all cables routed.