Venus GX IP address constantly changing

I need 3.

What did it set you back?

I needed 4 … due to concrete slabs and windows, double story - all for phones Wifi.

The costs … should have been a couple of thousand - what do they cost today, ±R2k or whatever per point, I got the wires in place.

Truth be told, in the end, it was “an aircon that I did not use anymore” price as he removed a bunch of Ubiquity points that someone else upgraded and had chucked. :innocent:

… he also threw in a Firewall on a Hyper-V for me too, as part of the deal, to make the network secure.

These things:

They also come with really cool software to manage them.

I would advise against setting a static IP on the device itself as it can be a pain to connect to directly or with a new router, since you need the correct IP and subnet to connect to the device and if you forget what yhe IP and subnet was it’s a pain.

Another way is to specify the fixed IP from your router. You can allocate a specific range of static IPs and set themnon the router or let the DHCP server of the router assign the IP from the dynamic range and then fix the allocated IP to the device. That way it will always get the same IP from the router.

If you ever need to connect to the device directly or with a new router, it will get a new IP from the new router’s DHCP without having to figure out the IP you set on the device originally.

It’s also much easier to manage the IPs from all your devices from one central location and you can set fixed IPs for all your smart devices like bulbs and plugs this way too and even for your phone and laptop without causing other problems (setting a static IP on your laptop or phone will make it so that it doesn’t work on another network with a differen IP range)

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I have a fixed IP range and allocate fixed ips for my sonoff’s, Home Assistant, ad GX.

It’s not a mission remembering things and also I then make sure I know exactly the IP no matter what.

Thanks for the advice.

This might happen tomorrow and all will be good, or I will be more stuffed than ever - I have very bad luck when it comes to the internet of things…

I will let me friend thoroughly peruse this thread again before we attempt anything.

If that fails, then I will bribe one of you clever okes in the Pta area to come and braai with me and fix my stuff. :laughing:

If you have a device that understands mDNS (Bonjour in the case of apple), you can also access your GX device at http://venus.local/ :slight_smile:

Then you don’t have to know the IP address.

Ok the day has arrived. We’re going to attempt to solve the router issues today.

So many advice here, would not even know where to be begin. But I think a good start would be what Plonkster said - to disable DHCP from the last 2 routers in the in the chain, and only leave it on the first router where the fibre line comes in.

I don’t have that many devices, but it is crucial for me that 2 of them be “fixed”

One is the Venus GX, and now recently my Connex wifii controller for the gate also went offline. I suspect this is also as a result of the battling routers with their DHCP

Both the Venus and this wifi controller connects to the last router in the garage, the former with lan, the latter with wifi.

Wish us luck guys, my friend will probably be here around 12h00

And the tech won again. :sob:

My friend and one of his colleagues spent 2 hours re-configuring routers and assigning different functions to them, and all went well till the next morning. And all the gremlins were back.

I give up.

What would solve all my problems, is if there was some sort of a colour control device that could plug into the Venus with a lan cable. Like a type of remote.

Anything that would give me direct access to the GX if the internet was.

They did suggest that if I’m up to it, that I eliminate the wireless access point between router 1 & 2 (internet over power lines device) by simply connecting routers 2 & 3 directly to router 1 with cables.

Maybe a little project I will tackle later in the month.

Have you tried just hitting http://venus.local/ yet?

I had similar issues, not the same, with various wireless access points.

Just upgrade them to a better make/model. I got 2nd hand Ubiquity dedicated wireless access points, and the problems went away.

I know Networks use PATCH leads, but there is no need to PATCH parts together too. :rofl:

Sort the source of the problem, don’t PATCH it.

Network cable and fixed IP address is THE most stable option every time.

Depends … I had an issue there too at one time because of wifi routers that were not “fit for purpose”.

I would be keen to see a summary of your setup.

  1. Static IP range
  2. DHCP range
  3. GX Fixed IP

I cannot see why you should have an issue if you allocated a static IP to the GX (in the static range) and then added this IP to the GX setup itself.

Adding somewhat to what @mmaritz said, I fail to see why the internet going down should change IP allocation but I suspect the network setup with many interconnected routers using a mixture of cabled and wifi connections make this problem somewhat unlikely to be resolved via the forum so all I will add is that @Swartkat makes very clear, if possible:

starting from the fibre side,

  1. In sequence, what router (if possible make and model) is connected to what else (router/switch/access point) and via what (cable/wifi).
  2. do all routers have permanent power?
  3. I recall a powerline adapter also being in the mix - does this have permanent power on both sides? Does it run “through” the inverter or via any multiplugs (some of these are not fond of anything but a very direct line).
  4. where are the routers located in relation to one another (distance / type of rooms) - possible sources of interference (either routers effectively “jamming” one another or one router near something like a microwave oven).
  5. making sure about the distinction between connecting to the GX as access point vs connecting to the GX via a different network connection.
  6. If possible, confirming DHCP status of all routers.

from my personal tech challenged perspective - especially network setup - revisiting @wernerhp’s post about IP setup is also worthwhile to increase chances of “emergency” connection ability if something happens in the future and the fixed IP address list has gone missing. (simple example - I can connect to my venus device with my phone’s AP feature - if I have a fixed IP on venus that does not match my phone, then I can’t easily use my phone to access the venus device should my main network go belly up).

now that everyone is thoroughly confused I shall “tap out”.

But this will only work if the internet is available right?

I need something to access the GX when the internet is down, such as 2 weeks ago my fibre line went down and I couldn’t do anything.

I don’t think we did this. Maybe this is the solution. I will ask if they can do this for me. What should I make this address or between what ranges can I select one?

No, it is local. NIKE IT.

In the static range choose an IP address and set this up in the router and the GX.

Mine (CerboGX) is

My static range is .200-.250
101-200 is DHCP.

Pics removed.

So I will be able to access the remote console if the internet is down, but my wifi network in the house is still running?

Just. Do. It. :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: Be like me … what can possibly go wrong, bleh, let’s try this! :innocent:

Ps. I will tell you if it is bad mojo. Promise.