Variac & Multi for a test?

This might sound a bit strange but I was wondering if anyone has a VARIAC and a Multi (+battery) that can be used for a simple bench test.

What I want to do are two things:

  1. Setup a Multi in stock standard form and then drop the AC In 1 input voltage from 230V to just below the AC Low Disconnect voltage. This should be 180V. AC Out 2 Relay should disengage.

  2. Test two is to set the voltage back to 230V, add a relay assistant to use AC Out 2 when AC In 1 is unavailable for 0s (immediate). Now turn the voltage down to below the default 180V AC Low Disconnect voltage and observe if AC Out relay disengages.

From literature it’s clear that once an assistant is applied to AC Out 2 relay that all defaults are ignored so you have to add them yourself - hence the AC Out 2 Relay Disconnect if AC In 1 not available in 0s (putting back the grid failure check).

If someone has this and willing to try this test I would be very grateful. The area of investigation is the Low Disconnect feature.

Anyone care to speculate on the result and support their answer with some data, theory or practice?

I’ve got a variac (but no Multi) :slightly_frowning_face:

Yea, that is the ‘cheap’ component of the two (if it’s a small one) and that is why I was hoping someone has both for a quick test.