Vacuum cleaner - calling all pockets... SOLVED?

ok, we have covered all types of machines - well nearly - but vacuum cleaners. the kaercher wd3 [1000W] we have now is the second one and it is about to pack up. what i need is an industrial strength machine as i park it outside and use a long 15m extension pipe to vacuum inside the house. alternatively if i can get a new and preferably stronger motor to fit inside it might do the trick - any ideas?
stof-groetnis :mask:

SOLVED… m’thinks
old schoolbuddy runs a car washing/valet joint - he suggested getting this one
and at that price, with a warranty of one year, i can get at least three of them for the price of a kärcher upgrade… less bells and whistles but who cares… and i have to mention being an ou toppie i get discount there :smiley:
i forgot… wetcleaning soapy solutions from the floor always results in extreme foam buildup and could damage your motor, nevermind having to empty the bucket every few seconds, add some defoamer to the bucket and enjoy the ride

I’ve resigned to buying a new one every few years, and simply buying the cheapest one.

The best one I ever had was an old tank of an Electrolux. Bought it in 2001, lasted well over a decade.

After that it was downhill. Nothing really lasted more than maybe 3 years.

We have a silent Karcher now. I discovered, around the same time we found out we have a kid on the ASD-spectrum, that apparently it is normal to get highly irritated with certain kinds of noises, and as a result, I care more about it being silent. I also bought noise cancelling head phones, no longer caring what anyone things. Sometimes I need to be in my own bubble.

We also had to buy new every few years, got gatvol, and bought a Kerby.

Have not looked back or bought a new machine for wot, a decade (?) now.

Would have paid what we paid for the Kerby, in the last decade, with cheaper machines.

We bought a Bosch Unlimeted cordless stick vacume 5 years ago and it has been a total pleasure ever since. Small, light, with roller brush for carpets.

Why the strange way of vacuuming with the machine outside? Seems like DIY built-in vacuum.

Probably dust. A way to avoid the whole HEPA filter thing.

bingo - dust [check your machine in the sun’s rays!] and noise and the damn thing tripping over carpets and its own cord - as i do the vacuuming [verb?] and our home is without steps [easier access for ambulance, wheelchair, hearse, whatever] schlepping it too much - a friend of mine has an automatic one sneaking all over the place, imagine having a cctv on board…

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I mean that seems like a terrible solution. Just buy a better vacuum cleaner that doesn’t leak dust. For canister vacuums, Miele is world-class. Pretty much unbreakable. It’s interesting how Karcher, WAP, and Hoover all make these rugged-looking vacuums which are nothing like that in reality (and don’t have HEPA filters).

Robot vacuums are also great, once you have one you will never go back. My Neato D3 has been vacuuming daily for 8 years with only minor maintenance (new battery). I almost want it to just die now so I can replace it with one that mops too. You do get models with cameras in the front that you can remote into if you wish.
Your house will never be as clean as one that is vacuumed daily by a robot.

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Their vacuum cleaners are up there for sure.
But if you want an industrial machine then look at Nilfisk: Redirecting...

whilst surfing the net for a suitable replacement, this one brand must’ve had good reason to post this warning… what next :crazy_face::
1. DO NOT put the suction inlet towards ears, eyes, mouth, nose, reproductive organs, or other vulnerable body parts due to machine high suction capacity.

I know the following article is a couple of years old, but robot vacuum cleaners do not always work as expected! :laughing:


… too ghastly to contemplate - waking up i’m sure the smell will zap you 1st thing; and you might have had longings for the aroma of fresh coffee, eish
but roomba is what one comedian termed joe biden’s stage maneuvers as of late… trail-less yet… :rofl:

Yeah, newer ones can detect poop and objects to avoid them. But first prize, dont leave shit on the floor.

We have been using this one for about 1 year now.
Numatic Henry HVR200-11 Vacuum Cleaner | ITS Simply Clean (

I know it looks like a toy, but these units are SUPER quite, and only use about 600w of power. The suction is bigger than my 1600w Electrolux i had before.

The great thing on these units is that the hose screw into the vacuum, and not those clips and turn things.

Nice and neat, and it really suck big time!! :slight_smile:

The sound, we had accouple of vacuum cleaners before, and you can litterly hear them in the other side of the house.
Now, if we vacuum next to me, is sounds like the next room.
Super quiet. and my inverter loves it!! only 600W of drawing power!!

The bag also takes quite abit of dust before it must be replaced.

Put it this way, its over a year old, an no part broke of yet. I think it is design to be Africa proof! Almost like Victron!!

tx nelius! i like the ‘africa proof’ :rofl: as democracy has failed that test :crazy_face:
whilst dabbling in political science - note, not politics! - apparently the various political systems of say a dictatorship, oligarchy and democracy were once compared to seafaring vessels - i can only remember two, dictatorship being like the titanic - everything looks great and fullsteam ahead until it hits the iceberg of reality and sinks; democracy is like a raft, it never sinks but your feet are always wet…

I actually thought it was a joke, but it’s a real thing!

Don’t you remember the Wackhead Simpson prank? It has only two uses? :slight_smile:

well… all i can say, it sucks :nerd_face:

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I also can vouched for it. We have the green Henry that is for petcare as we have a dog and cat we bought it from We have had it now for 3 years and it just works. Much better than the AEG or Electrolux before.