Using Pylontech UP2500 without BMS comms

Hi all

I have no experience with Pylon batteries.
Will it be safe / recommended / fine to use a Pylon UP2500 24v battery on a inverter with no BMS communication between the inverter and battery?

So far the plan is a Victron Sun Inverter 24v with around 350W of PV and only 1 Pylon UP2500 connected to it.

Granted of course I set the charge parameters correctly and with this config it will never get even close to the max 50A charge and discharge current, will this battery be fine to manage itself over time and will it last?

P.S Yes I know I can connect a GX to that inverter and do things “properly” but budget, plus for this little system a fully fledged GX even a Venus PI at todays prices and availability will be total overkill.

BTW I’m also open to other battery suggestions, preferably a single 24v unit, need at least 2 kWh capacity.

As long as you set your charge/discharge current limits as well as your charge voltage limits to match your battery you can run this way. Just make sure you start with a nicely ballanced battery. (I would set the charge voltage a little lower that you would normally - about 30-60mV)

If something happens and the battery is not happy it will just trip. Thus not power/lights.
Controlling everything with the GX just help that you don’t get to the trip part :smiley:

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