Using phone in the UK

So it may be that I’m in the UK in a few weeks time. Direct flights arrive very early in the morning. I am going to need to get a car and do some driving and that means navigation and that means air time.

So any tips on what to do? I’m not keen to switch to roaming. I don’t mind not having my SAn number. My phone has e-sim capabilities.

GiffGaff seems to be the SIM card to get. (no hoops to jump through!)
I don’t know if you can buy one at that hour in the morning.
I have one if you’re desperaat…

You can buy the cheapest phone ( complete with a sim card) at Tesco and load the sim card into your existing phone. No questions asked.

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Or buy an esim over the internet and load it here to be activated on arrival.

How do you do that? Surely you need a SIM card for the phone??


eSIM vs Physical SIM card

Ja. Turns out it’s easy - if you have e-sim. You sign up before you go. They mail you a QR code. When you get to the other side you scan the code and it activates the e-sim.


And here I am, nursing a T-Mobile (now Odido) sim along. Though I must say, having an alternative number (for password recoveries and stuff) that is completely outside your normal contact details… really really nice!

I used to use my dual sim phone a lot with a local sim in each country but Vodacom has stepped up with their Travel Data Bundles (they operate over 7 days). You can activate the service and it automatically activates when you travel, billing you every 7 days you’re overseas.

It’s more expensive in many cases, but is pretty convenenient just to keep using data. Some places (like Canada) it’s cheaper than getting a local sim. Also easier when visiting multiple countries.