Using Home Assistant to program/control a Victron system

Fwiw… I have decided not to make an integration for HA. At least, not unless absolutely necessary. HA has something called mqtt discovery. You just send the right format messages, and it knows how to create “sensors”. I spent about two days on that (the most difficult problem became having suitable energy counters that “loop” correctly and don’t backtrack), and then other more important stuff happened, so it is back on the back-burner.

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MQTT really is the way to go as opposed to direct integration. It makes your stuff work with other automation platforms outside of just Home Assistant. Let’s not even talk about the serious hoops you need to jump through if you ever wanted your direct integration to be officially blessed by Home Assistant.

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MQTT+NodeRed and it’s so easy, I even use this to get my data into a InfluxDB data store.

I want to build up a nice big ARM based development cluster, will have ELK, Prometheus+Grafana, I’ll move my InfluxDB onto it and more… With this in place will push the data into multiple of these stores to see how they all play.
Want to also deploy a Kafka environment, and give it MQTT connector to source from.

Have a look at Zero Tier 1 its free for "personal’ use - it has a cap on the amount of connections. Been using it for more than a year now and sofar so good.

actually bought a domain from google…
configure CloudFlare and sub domains, and lets_encrypt keys.
which will feed into my pfSense FW/Router.
I’m already using pfSense ability to update my IP of my environment in CloudFlare.