Used Microcare 100 Amp MPPT for Sale

I am upgrading my 7 year old hybrid system and the first part for sale is the MPPT. It is a Microcare 100 Amp LCD MPPT Solar Charge Controller and working perfectly from the day it was installed. PM me if you are interested and would like to make an offer. I am in north KZN.

Is it still available?

Yes it is.


Hi Rob. I am still waiting for the local installer to uninstall the unit so its still in use. Iā€™m really not sure what a fair price would be as it is just over 6 years old. Maybe R4k?

Hi Gerald, 4k is fine. I think you said you stay in North KZN. Not sure how far north. We where in Ballito a week ago. I stay in JHB. Thinking of couriering it. But let me know when it is uninstalled.

The Courier Guy are simply the best couriers I have been introduced to.

Hi Rob. Having full re-install within next 7 days. Will be in contact as soon as it is off the wall. My old MLT Powerstar II 6kva is also available. Will put up a separate notice.

Hi Gerald, thank you very much, but in-between time I have found and bought another 100A MPPT. Was not sure how long your de-installation may take.

No issue. Taken much longer as I changed my spec. Coming out tomorrow. Sorry.

Hi @Gerald_db, does this MPPT have lithium charging capability?

Not a lithium function as such but you would program the bulk, absorption and float voltages into it.
It does not have can comms. It is actively cooled so copes well with heat. Happy to accept R3k. Regards, Gerald

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So yes it does have lithium charging capabilities (cause you can set the charge voltages - which is what you want/need for lithium)

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Hi Gerald, me again. If you have not sold the MPPT, please let me know. I have a new requirement.
Rob Viljoen

Hi Rob. Yes it is available and in the back of my car.

That is good news. I see you are happy with R3k. If that is good I can EFT you the money. How can we arrange the courier? See someone suggested the courier guy or Pudo. Please let me know.

Hi Gerald, please let me know if you are interested, I have someone else that also wants to sell and I need to answer him.

Hi Rob
Did you sell the 100amp MPPT.