Urgent SolarEdge Suppliers needed

Good day All

Who knows of solar edge suppliers in SA?

I cant seem to find some.

Ane suggestions?

both heroldts and Segen reference solardge inverters ?

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AFAIK, it used to be Segen, but it looks like not anymore?

This page list Herholdts:

and also this:

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Tried segen and other referenced company’s, seems like ACDC might be distributing Solar edge but after working with their products, I am to afraid to touch Solar edge.

? They seem to be one of the most recommended global brands - what puts you off from them?

(PS Herholds does have a wide range of Solar Edge products.)

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The fact that some of the biggest distributors in SA, dropped their product. Just confirmed with two of them why they did it, and it all boils down to after sales service and support in SA.

Ill rather quote the client on Huawei Series Inverters as well as optimizers.

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I will just list some reasons that I like and don’t like SolarEdge.


  1. Established manufacturer with a good quality product.

Don’t like

  1. The optimiser-per-panel setup really does push up the failure rate at sites (the odds of a failure is multiplied by the number of optimisers, which live in a very harsh enviroment under the panel).
  2. The model really doesn’t make that much more energy, see here for example. I don’t think it is worth the extra money you spend.
  3. Sunspec. Their latest inverters only support a single concurrent modbus-tcp connection, and support for limiting was never added. And the way they scale the “scale factor” to fit the whole energy counter makes it almost useless after a few months of operation.
  4. Going into lawyer mode on someone who pointed out 1 above…

As always, I want to be fair and all. It is not like it is a bad product. But of the good ones out there, it is dead last on my list.


I was looking for optimizers some months back and solaredge was recommended based on google search but in order to use with non solaredge inverters, a solaredge tool was required to basically unlock the device and after trying every possible local lead, no one heard of it. Heroldts basically told me there’s no such thing.

So I eventually settled for Tigo optimizers. I need optimizers as my one array gets shaded at different parts of the day thanks to neighbors trees. :pensive:

I would recommend Huawei over SolarEdge for sure in South Africa. Mohammed who used to be with Fronius has moved over to Huawei and he has always been excellent on support and info.

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