Upgrading Venus OS

When upgrading Venus OS, its my understanding that any added drivers and CRON jobs etc are lost during the upgrade, is that correct?

If so, has anyone written a script to backup drivers, config files and CRON jobs before these changes and restore them after the upgrade?

I am using a CAN HAT on my Pi as well as CRON jobs and I would hate to have to setup everything again from scratch (I’ve forgotten how I did it) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I realize a script would need to be modified but an example would go a long way.

Anything that is under the /data/ folder will not be lost. Everything else will be lost.
So the trick is to recreate everything else again after an upgrade from the data folder.
There is no script like that cause it will need to know what is installed. So at the moment each piece you install need to know that.

My driver uses this, so after a firmware upgrade it fixes itself. But it will override anything that is also installed. So I did think of making an installer repo from what I did that other pieces could use as well, but that is way down on the ToDo list at the moment :slight_smile:

Yeah … I broke the SD card on my Pi last night … TTT is BAAACK! :man_facepalming:

So yeah, have to set up everything AGAIN …

I’ve made a backup under the /data/ folder but a script of some kind would be very helpful.

@plonkster any chance you have a lead to any kind of script that replaces files and folders after the OS upgrade that I could modify to suit my needs?