Updateing using Cerbo GX

Hi all.

I usually update my Victron inverter using the MK3 and getting the firmware using the code on the chip.

Using a Cerbo for the first time now. Can I update my Quatro’s firmwate using the Cerbo once connected to VRM like I can do with the mppt?

If this is not a good idea I will do it the way I did the othes I did before.

Thank you.


You can, as long as the inverter already has firmware 428 or later. Also make sure you have the latest version of VEConfigure tools installed (because the update procedure downloads a before+after compound version which then has to be merged into a new settings file for upload, and only the latest VEConfigure understands that).

If you are worried, just do a remote Ve.Configure download first so you have the latest settings.

Also, although the system is designed to survive an internet outage, it goes a little smoother if the internet connection stays up during the update. So if your multi powers the internet… maybe move the internet to the grid for the duration of the update. Not absolutely required, but makes it smoother.

Thanks a lot Plonkster. Always good to get info from someone with the proper know how👍.

I’ve done my MPII this way and no huge issues.
Download the config as a backup.
Also make sure the Cerbo is powered direct from the battery!