Unit tripping even when grid connected

Hi all

Been having a strange issue…
Recently my unit has been tripping, even when there is a stable grid.
I know I have it configured with a Max invert, but that means if there is that amount of PV and Battery, don’t invert more than that, and if more is needed then draw from grid.

but I’ve had the unit show “overheat” led or if/when not, it simply overloads and trips.
This is a new issue, not historically there/problem.

Do you have a GX connected?

If you do can you take a look at the “Notifications” around that time in the remote console and also the “VE.Bus Warnings and Alarms” widget? I think it’ll also help to add the “System - AC Consumption” and “AC Output Power” widgets.

How’s the temperature in the area where the inverter is when this happens?

This is a MP2 48/3000
I on a normal day have “overload” warnings as my normal grid tied load is higher than the 3000 capability of the system… however the “extra” load is all on the non essential side which would drop off when grid falls… Eskom clapped…

I know of one occasion when I was in the garage when I saw a temp warning.
I have a Venus GX console so ye allllll the metrics are in VRM…
Was more wondering if anyone else have had a change in behaviour… The design of the system should not allow a 3Kw+ load to have the system trip when there is grid… which seems to be happening


When it overloads, does it recover by itself in 30 seconds, or does it stay off?

Reason for the question. There is a powerpack protection feature that protects against high inrush currents, and if that triggers too often it activates the protection, which behaves like an overload, but unlike an overload it does not auto-recover.

It recovers.


I’ve had the odd chance… happen to be the past wknd, where it was actually a breaker that tripped. but that’s the breaker, not the inverter…


I can only imagine that it needs to disconnect from the grid around the time as it is already doing a very large load. Otherwise, if it happens frequently, it probably needs to become a support case. One of those that are impossible to reproduce because it only happens when the sun, moon, stars and the fireflies at the bottom of the garden align perfectly.

it’s over 10+ times now.

Plonkster, how would we open a support call so that someone can look at my VRM logs, I’m guessing Inverter resets are logged and all related values at the time.


I think you already emailed me, and I was a little busy and the email drowned… as happens.

Normally the process is to ask your installer, who will escalate it to the reseller, who will contact level3 support, who will then invariably hand it to me (because ESS is involved), and then it will move on to someone else.

Let me look into it. I’ve had a mess of a day already, starting with a stupid printer. People… please don’t buy Canon Printers if you’re running Linux. The CAPT drivers suck.

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Lesson learned on the Canon printer, recently switched back to HP also.

Yes emailed you :wink: thanks.


I also had a Canon printer, never again.

I have moved to an Epson Ecotank printer and couldn’t be happier, no more cartridges for me!

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