Tripping a FreedomWon battery deliberately

Has anyone managed any form of control with a FreedomWon Home Lite battery?

My one has the CAN bus (to a Cerbo) and a USB port.

I’m specifically trying to shut it down / trip it as part of a shutdown sequence.

You’re talking about the big breaker on the front of the case? I don’t think you can talk to that using the CAN-bus, I think it is a completely separate item.

I know some batteries will switch themselves off if they don’t get a keepalive from the inverter (CAN-frame 0x305 iirc) for 5 minutes or more, but I don’t think FW is one of them.

The breaker has a shunt trip attached, which trips when you power off the BMS using the OFF button.

So I’ actually asking if there’s a way to power off the BMS I suppose…

But yeah, wouldn’t really expect that to be on the CAN bus :slight_smile:

Ideally they’d have a NC link like Victron equipment, or garage doors, which can be broken with an e-stop to shut it down.

Interested to know why you want to do this, isn’t the idea that the battery never dies so that the Cerbo never dies?

I want the battery to die just before I do…

Basically I want to put in a single emergency stop button that will power everything down. The Victron MPII & MPPTs have a normally-closed link that when broken “stops” the appliance. Ideal would be to trip the battery breaker too since that’s where all the power really is.

An emergency procedure with a single step trumps everything else. What I’ll probably end up with:

  1. Press E-Stop (probably renamed if not the only step)
  2. Press battery OFF button

Not too bad, but just #1 would be better. Could then also wire to a smoke detector.

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If allowed you can maybe put the E-stop button right next to the off button on the battery to make it easier.

Yeah, I’ll probably mount it just above.

I’ve logged a request with them now to ask what’s available. Let’s see what they say.

FreedomWon has come back to me – they have no external way to trip the breaker.

So shutdown will have to be 2-step.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m pretty sure it will trip if you short out the battery.

That’s pretty close to what they said :slight_smile:

Okay, seems the external battery breaker I have supports a shunt trip accessory which is sold on Aliexpress… Will circle back to this problem in 20-40 days :expressionless: